Why Matt Borkowski Offers this Guarantee?

It's simple, he has supreme confidence in how he markets the properties he lists for sale.  While most agents' total marketing plan consists of about 5 different marketing strategies, Bork deploys 19 different, highly targeted strategies to get his properties sold fast and for top dollar.  

In fact, Bork, on average, sells homes for 4.1% higher than the market average (Click here to view video).  What does an additional 4.1% mean to you, if you were to sell a $300,000 home?  It means an additional $12,000 or more in sale price.  

The second reason Matt Borkowski offers this guarantee is that too many agents, for the purpose of securing a listing, tell prospective sellers they can sell the property for far more than what the market will bear.  It gives people false hope, and when the home doesn't sell in 3 months or more, and the seller is forced to reduce the price to a saleable level, the agent is not held accountable for the false estimate...  But, of course, the agent still expects a commission.

When we analyze your home's true market value, we'll offer a range from "Fast Sale", to "Market Price", to "Very Aggressive pricing", the latter being the highest sale price, pushing to the point where the market may or may not agree.  But in no event will we give you some false hope of a price that could not happen in our current marketplace.

The point is we want you to know that our feet our held to the fire, and we have to perform.  If you would like to discuss the sale of your home with Matt Borkowski, please call or use the form for a call back.