Your Role Handling the Probate Process Can be Exhausting.  We're Here to Step in and Take Some or All of the Problems Off Your Plate

We know how many hats you, as the personal representative of the estate, have to wear and how overwhelming your new role must be for you.  Time is something you likely don’t have a lot of at this point
As such I’ve organized a group of professional service providers, to act as a bridge between what’s required of you by the court and attorney and the actual tasks themselves.  This group of service providers is here to relieve you by solving just about any issue you can think of in as far as your role as personal representative is concerned.
It could be anything as simple a task as a leaky roof, to needing personal items of the estate valued, to something more involved like remodeling prior to selling the property for a top-end price, this organization of professionals can handle it all. 
The point is you have options.  Which are the best options for you starts with a conversation.  Give me a call for a free, no obligation conversation.  If you want to take a load off, it’s a great first step.  Look forward to speaking with you.