The Most Financially Beneficial Service Offered to Families with Homes in Probate or Managed through a Conservator! 

Up until now the option of seling a home in probate or managed through a conservatorship, particularly a home in average to rough condition, was to sell to an investor or through the real estate community.  The house sells, but the family is left with far less money than they could have received had the home been dealt with properly.  

This unique service is designed to entirely eliminate the conservator's and/or families time in the process of dealing properly with the property prior to sale, meaning beautifying for an optimal sale price, thereby unlocking anywhere from $10,000 to $150,000 the family would not have realized otherwise.
The point is you now have a third option.  Which is the best option for you starts with a conversation.  Give me a call for a free, no obligation conversation.  If you want to take a load off, it’s a great first step.  Look forward to speaking with you.