Sign up to the right to participate in one of two huge north central Phoenix yard sales coming April 9th & 16th!

In the morning hours of April 9th and April 16th, from 8 AM to noon, if you live in either of the two designated areas, you are invited to participate in a huge community yard sale.

First, if you’re reading this, you are probably in one of the two areas, but just to be sure, let me be clear where you must live in order to participate in each sale.

For the April 9th community yard sale, all participating houses must be east of seventh Street, west of 16th St., south of Bethany home, and North of Missouri Avenue.

For the April 16th community yard sale, all participating homes must be east of seventh Street, west of 16th St., north of Bethany Home Road, and south of Maryland Avenue.

Both dates will be huge events. In the weeks leading up to both sales I will do a ton of advertising through the AZ Republic, AZ Central online, and many online outlets, so believe me, people will come, and lots of them.

Also, anyone seeing these ads online will get a list of participating homes sent directly to their email. So, don’t wing it on the day of the sale; to get the most people coming to your home, sign up to the right to be sure your home is on this very important list.

Also, on top of a huge amount of signs I will put out myself in the morning of each sale, each participating home will get five free directional signs for the day to get as much passerby traffic as possible.

Okay, you need to do two things. First, if you want to participate, sign up to the right so I can put your home on the list of participating homes. Remember this is the list this serious yard sale people get online so they know how to find your home.

Also, spread the word with your neighbors. Remember they are invited too, but there’s no telling whether they got my message like you did. Please let them know and direct them to this website to sign up.

Sign up to the right.