How to Maximize Equity in the Estate

First Step: find out what your Property is really worth before selling at a rock bottom price to an investor!

AZ Probate Realty from Matt Borkowski on Vimeo.

You either are currently being approached or soon will be approached by a bunch of investors looking to buy the property in the estate.  My advice to you is to avoid these investors except under one circumstance... And that is, you absolutely need the property sold really fast.  Investors usually come with cash and they can close in a week or two.  Otherwise, avoid these people. Look, investors are typically fix and flippers and they make the majority of their profit on the price they pay for your property. Therefore, the investor's goal is always as follows, buy the estate's property at the lowest price possible.

If you want to sell the property for as much as possible in today's market, slow down.  The next thing you should do is to get the property valued so you know what it is really worth.  That is a free service you can get by filling out the form to the right.  We use 35 different criteria to determine value so you will get accurate results.  Do not go to one of the big websites like Zillow to get a value.  The values they come up with are almost always wrong.

Once you get an accurate value, the next step is to determine who you will choose to represent your best interests and sell the property for the most money possible.

Speaking to that, my listings sell on average for 3.4% more than other comparable listings in the marketplace.  You need to understand that choosing an agent to help sell property in the estate is not like choosing which brand of white rice to buy at the store.  

Rice is rice and pretty much tastes the same no matter which brand you choose.  Selling property in the estate is entirely different, and the agent you choose can make a huge impact on the dotted line at sale.

A good analogy might be making a chocolate souffle.  I've never made a chocolate souffle, but I have watched the cooking channel and know that it is a precise endeavor.  

You have to use precise ingredients, mixed in the right order, it must be baked at the right temperature, and perhaps most importantly the person making the souffle must have the experience to know the little nuances and tricks to make sure the souffle rises properly, looks good a the table and lastly doesn't fall flat at the wrong time.

The truth is most real estate agents don't know how to make a souffle, and those that do often don't want to take the time to make it properly.

My souffle recipe, my property marketing system, consists of 22 different marketing strategies, all combined in the right order, which result in my average sale price 3.4% higher than other agents in the marketplace.  

If you would like to see the inner workings of my marketing system and how it will add to the estate's net proceeds at sale, please drop me a line or fill out the form to the right. 

At very minimum I will give you a true market analysis of your property so you know what it could really sell for, and I'll give you tips on things to do and things not to do to sell your property for the most money possible.

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