Real Estate & Pets...† Good Combo

My animals are important.† Youíd think realtors are mainly out and about showing homes or knocking on doors, but after 10 years experience in real estate, the reality is I spend most of my time in the home office.† Which means my dogs "Bear" (direct from AAWL in early 2016) and "Scar" (stray found in 2015) are with me most of the time.† Since I donít have kids they are my kids, and itís good.

The one up top in the header is Dodo.† She is since passed and was an incredibly smart and complex Australian Cattle dog mix.† The things she used to do still make me shake my head.† She died of lymphoma at age 12.† Heartbreaking to say the least, and ever since Iíve been sending donations to Flint Animal Cancer Center in Colorado.

Itís been a great tribute to Dodo, but since I started looking for a buddy for "Scar" and subsequently found "Bear" (another Australian Cattle dog) at AAWL, Iíve had such a great experience with this organization that Iím choosing to redirect all of my donations to AAWL. †

Each time I sell a home, $100 goes directly to AAWL.† And if you happen to refer me to someone who buys or sells a home through me, I will donate an additional $250 in your name.††

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